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Musca Capital is a quantitative trading firm that focuses on building highly scalable and robust trading systems that can succeed in any trading environment by using a combination of delta neutral and directional trading strategies.

Our Strengths

Flexibility across market regimes.

‚ÄčThe fund is designed to succeed in any market conditions using a combination of directional and delta-neutral trading systems to maximize returns regardless of the market regime. We focus on trading across all trading venues and have turned our ability to capitalize on market volatility into a repeatable strategy. This flexible approach has been embedded in Musca from inception, creating a trading style that can adapt to any market development.

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Optimal trade execution.

Musca is integrated with all the major exchanges and has access to deep liquidity by using our in-house built execution methods we can quickly execute our trades with little to no market impact.

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The team

  • Kasper Vandeloock

    CEO & Quant trader

  • Mounir Bounamar

    System engineer